Terms and Conditions


  1. This quotation is valid for 90 (ninety) days from the date of issue and will be adjusted according to market increases thereafter.
  2. This quote is accepted as final summary and cost break down. AVZ Décor and Design will work strictly according to this and will take no responsibility for changes of details and quantities. All changes must be done in writing and confirmation thereof in writing, is the responsibility of the client.
  3. All changes must be e-mailed to us. Changes will only be accepted/made on this quote after written confirmation and acceptance thereof by the client.
  4. Final numbers in respect of décor must be confirmed no later than 10 (ten) working days prior to the event, otherwise initial contracted numbers will be taken as fixed and will be charged accordingly.
  5. If it was agreed upon that AVZ Décor and Design will do the setup, the client to ensure that a detailed floor plan with table layout be made available in writing to AVZ Décor and Design at least 10 (ten) working days prior to the event.
  6. All décor, props and equipment are supplied on a hire basis only and always remains the property of AVZ Décor & Design.
  7. No equipment may be kept longer than the specified clearing date, unless it is requested in writing prior to hiring. In such cases, a daily hiring fee as well as an additional collection fee will be charged.
  8. Any linen retuned in a torn or cigarette / starlight’s / fireworks burnt condition will be charged at the full replacement value.
  9. The client agrees to utilise the goods only in the manner for which they are intended and not to tamper, modify or make repairs to the goods of whatever nature without written consent by AVZ Décor and Design. If such works or repairs are affected without the written consent as aforesaid.  AVZ Décor and Design shall be entitled to demand from the client the current replacement cost of any such goods.
  10. The goods shall be at the sole risk of the client from date of receipt thereof to date of return to AVZ Décor and Design. The client shall be responsible for any missing or stolen goods, for any damage to the goods or for any damage sustained by any third party arising out of the client’s possession of the goods and indemnifies AVZ Décor and Design against any such loss or damage.
  11. Although AVZ Décor and Design will endeavour to accommodate any last-minute changes, AVZ Décor and Design will not be held responsible if matching hiring goods or perishables are not available.
  12. Please carefully check the info on all documents, the event, delivery, and collection dates. Double check that the numbers and equipment is according to your order.
  13. If the date of the function exceeds 6 months from date of quotation, please take note that the quotation might be subjected to change due to annual increase in costs.



  1. A 15% booking deposit and 10% breakage deposit (point 23-27) will confirm the order and will secure the booking at the quoted costs. (Take note of CANCELLATION, points 34-38.)
  2. Proof of payment of the booking deposit and breakage deposit must be e-mailed to info@decoranddesign.co.za together with the reference as indicated under BANKING DETAILS.
  4. The balance of the quoted amount will be payable 10 working days prior to delivery / pick-up date. Delivery will be cancelled otherwise. GOODS WILL NOT BE RELEASED UNLESS FULL PAYMENT PLUS REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT HAS BEEN RECEIVED.
  5. If the client does not return the entire order on the specific date, the client agrees to pay half the date hire fee for the first day and full daily charges for each day thereafter until such time as goods are returned.
  6. Our terms are strictly C.O.D and all accounts outstanding longer than 5(five) working days following the date of the events will attract interest at the bank prime rate plus 2% calculated weekly.
  7. AVZ Décor and Design shall withhold services should the balance not be paid at the given dates.
  8. Setup fee solely constitutes the fees charged for the setup as agreed by both parties during consultation. Any extra work not agreed upon during consultation will be charged for.



  1. A breakage deposit of 10% of the full amount must be paid.
  2. This breakage deposit must be paid with the 15% booking deposit payable to confirm your date. This breakage deposit will be refunded when all décor – linen, glassware, candles etc. is returned to us intact.  In the event of loss/breakage of any goods., the breakage deposit will forfeit and additional cost would be claimed to cover the loss.
  3. A shortage invoice by AVZ Décor and Design certifying such replacement cost shall be final and binding on the parties and shall be sufficient for the purpose of deducting the amount from the refundable deposit or obtaining summary or default judgement.
  4. Any shortages, losses or damages will be charged at replacement cost.
  5. Banking details for the breakage deposit to be paid back can be e-mailed to AVZ Décor and Design. If we do not receive any banking details within 90 days after the function, the breakage deposit will expire.



  1. Setup and delivery / clearing are additional separate costs which are specified at the bottom of each quotation. Please check the setup and delivery times carefully as there will be additional charges if after hour’s setup of delivery on Sundays and public holidays are required.
  2. It is the client’s responsibility to negotiate the setup and clearing dates and times with the venue and to supply these details to AVZ Décor and Design in writing at the latest 10 working days before the event. The client therefore undertakes to arrange access to the venue to complete the setup within a reasonable time.
  3. No liability or responsibility will be accepted in respect of late or non-delivery due to circumstance beyond AVZ Décor and Design control.
  4. AVZ Décor and Design shall be entitled access to any premises of function venue of the client for the purposes of quoting, delivery, inspecting, repairing and collecting as well as setup of any hire goods.
  5. The client or an authorized representative need to be present during delivery and collection of all orders. Please check and sign all relevant documents. AVZ Décor and Design take no responsibility for any losses / shortages if not checked by both parties.
  6. Please note, unfortunately we cannot deliver and collect at specific times, Delivery and collection will be between 8am and 5pm on the day of delivery and collection.



  1. Cancellation of any confirmed order must be submitted in writing.
  2. No refund will be done should the function be cancelled within 1 month of the function date.
  3. Only 50% of total order will be refunded should a function be cancelled between 6 months of the function date.
  4. Only 75% of total order will be refunded should the function be cancelled 6 months before the function.
  5. 10% admin fee will be withheld by us should the function be cancelled due to the announcement of a state disaster,



  1. The creative concepts and designs of this proposal remain the property of AVZ Décor and Design and charges will be levied to anyone who uses a concept without written consent from AVZ Décor and Design



  1. In the event of outdoor / marquee functions being unable to proceed due to inclement weather conditions, full payment of the contracted fee will be payable



  1. AVZ Décor and Design undertakes that any perishables that leaves the premises of AVZ Décor and Design will be as fresh as possible but will not be held responsible for any wilting due to heat, non-watering or negligence in handling.
  2. Due to the nature being unpredictable, AVZ Décor and Design cannot guarantee the availability of colours and types of flowers although we may have quoted on the specific flowers. AVZ Décor and Design will endeavour to substitute the said flowers with as close as possible match.  In the events where the cost differs the client will either get a credit or will be charged accordingly.